• Beware of Loan Sharks

  • They Don't Care About Your Financial Health

  • Find a Respectable Lender If You Really Need Financing.


We understand that you may feel that you have no alternatives other than using a loan shark to get money you need. This is why we created LoanSharks.com. There are alternatives to dealing with a lender that you will more than likely regret. Be sure to read our blogs for helpful information in your situation.

Why you should avoid loan sharks

  • High rate of interest. Let’s face it: this is where loan sharks come out on top. They are able to charge borrowers a high rate of interest, much higher than the industry average, because they are not regulated.
  • No way of knowing what the future holds. With a traditional lender, you know the finer details of your loan.
  • Potentially dangerous. If you default on a bank loan, for example, you could find yourself in financial trouble. This could mean losing a particular asset. With a loan shark, your situation is much more serious.