Welcome to Loan Sharks: A Resource for Healthy Lending

At Loan Sharks, we understand that you may feel overwhelmed by your financial situation. And for that reason, you think your only option is turning to a loan shark to get the money you need.

Before you go down this dangerous path, take the time to learn more about the alternatives that are available to you. You have the power to do business with a reputable lender that’s required to adhere to a variety of rules and regulations.

We created LoanSharks.com for you. We don’t want you to make a financial decision that will cause more harm than good.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should avoid loan sharks:

  • High rate of interest. Let’s face it: this is where loan sharks come out on top. They are able to charge borrowers a high rate of interest, much higher than the industry average, because they are not regulated.
  • No way of knowing what the future holds. With a traditional lender, you know the finer details of your loan. You also know that they’re being held accountable by a variety of governing bodies.
  • Potentially dangerous. If you default on a bank loan, for example, you could find yourself in financial trouble. This could mean losing a particular asset. With a loan shark, your situation is much more serious. You could even find your personal well-being at risk.

Help is Available

If you are already doing business with a loan shark, or are trying to find alternatives to a desperate borrowing situation, please look through our list of legitimate financial resources first.

Also, there’s a plethora of information and guidance on our blog.

It’s important that you remember one thing: you’re not alone.

Even if you’re in a difficult financial situation, there are steps you can take to dig your way out. And once you have a strategy in place, you’ll feel much better about what the future holds.