Once the holiday season comes and goes, you may feel empty inside for a few days. After all, you put a lot of time into preparing for a week (or more) of fun.

For many, spending during the holiday season can get out of control. Even if you try to keep yourself in check, you may find that you have gone too far. Preventing this scenario will keep you from desperate situations, including obtaining financing, or worse – considering loan sharks to juggle your finances.

Once the holiday season is over and January is here, it is time to review your balance sheet. When doing so, it is important to focus on the following details:

  1. Credit card debt. Did you spend any money on your credit card during the holidays? If so, it is your hopes that you can pay off the balance, in full, the next time a statement arrives. This allows you to put your holiday spending in the past, while also avoiding an interest charge.
  2. Focus on your budget. Let’s face it: you may have blown past your budget in December. From gifts to food to travel, you had a lot on your plate. Now, however, it is time to get back on track. Review your budget, make any necessary changes, and be sure that you are 100 percent comfortable with every last category.
  3. Have a plan for saving more. A budget is more than something that shows you how much you are spending. It is also something that helps you save more. What changes can you make to save more money in the new year?

The way you review your finances after the holiday season is dependent on many personal factors. Even so, most people find it helpful to focus on the three details above.

With the right approach, you will feel better about your financial situation as the calendar turns and you are faced with another 12 months.

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